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    By checking this box I certify that all information is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false statements will result in the cancellation of scholarship granted. I give GRAD Cincinnati permission to access my information in the National Student Clearinghouse database.

    In order to have your college scholarship check sent to your school. All students must submit a copy of their fulltime quarterly or semester class schedule. 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year college students must submit a copy of their quarterly or semester transcript. Please e-mail an attached copy to: lr@gradcincinnati.org or send a copy to: GRAD Cincinnati, 301 Oak St Cincinnati Ohio 45219. We cannot complete this scholarship form until we have this information.

  • Scholarship Renewal Form

    GRAD Cincinnati Scholarship Renewal Form

    If you have received a scholarship from GRAD Cincinnati, please fill out the Scholarship Renewal Form.

    IMPORTANT You MUST complete the following to receive the first half of your scholarship for Spring 2015:

    1. The scholarship renewal form

    2. A copy of your full time 2015 spring semester class schedule

    3. A copy of your unofficial transcript (entering freshman must submit a copy of their acceptance letter)

    Complete item 1 on this page and click submit. Items 2 and 3 should be emailed to lr@gradcincinnati.org or faxed to 513-363-3245

    Please call 513-363-3247 with any questions

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